Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)

Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage solution that enables IT organizations and cloud service providers to store, share, sync, protect, preserve, analyze, and retrieve file data from a single system. It is more efficient, easier to use, and capable of handling much more data than traditional file storage solution. Content Platform automates day-to-day IT operations like data protection and readily evolves to change in scale, scope, server, storage, applications and cloud technologies over the life of data. In IT environments where data grows quickly or must live for years, decades or even indefinitely, these capabilities are invaluable.


Hitachi Content Platform eliminates the need for a silo approach to store unstructured content. The Platform provides massive scale, multiple storage tiers, powerful security, Hitachi reliability, cloud capabilities, broad protocol support, multitenancy and configurable attributes for each tenant. It can support a wide range of applications on a single physical cluster and is backed by a thriving community of third party software partners. With access to a robust ecosystem of cloud application, Hitachi Content Platform can solve a wide range of current problem and adapt to meet future needs.