Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI)

Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is an elastic and backup-free cloud gateway ideal for organization with multiple remote or branch offices and cloud service providers looking to offer file services to their customers. HDI acts like familiar NAS devices to users and applications. HDI combined with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and HCP Anywhere simplifies file services for remote and branch offices, as well as cloud services customers and provides mobile access to NAS data.

FEATURE HDI is available in three configuration options:

The Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is a dedicated on-ramp optimized for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), an intelligent object store. Moving data from edge or branch offices into centralized repositories can be severely limited by the WAN. Combining Hitachi Data Ingestor, Hitachi Content Platform and Silver Peak replication acceleration software can create a simple, cost-effective solution for mitigating the soaring costs associated with remote office support and data consolidation. Silver Peak accelerates data ingest and recall, clearing up the most common WAN bottlenecks. Remote offices can access files quickly while avoiding technology sprawl, complexity, and the need for on-site IT staffing.