Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID)

HDID provides data protection and recovery that manages different data protection techniques into a single solution. HDID has a unique workflow-based policy engine, Policy Consolidation and Simplified Config and an operation presented in an easy-to-use whiteboard-style user interface that helps to map data management processes to business priorities.

HDID includes a wide range of fully integrated storage-based and host-based incremental-forever data capture capabilities that can be combined into complex workflows to automate and simplify copy data management. HDID addresses the operational recovery, disaster recovery and long term recovery.

Data safety is the primary and foremost concern for every successful organization. SAN Data Systems offers unique solutions for protecting data with the right processes, effective standards, and people in place.

We at SAN Data Systems assure quality data protection solutions with HDID to meet your current data requirements and ensure availability throughout an application lifecycle.

SAN Data Systems HDID approach