Hitachi Protection Platform

Hitachi Protection Platform is a purpose build backup appliance delivering unsurpassed scalability, performance and flexibility to accommodate massive data volumes, rapid data growth, changing storage architectures, and emerging data protection trends. It provides enterprise-class backup, replication, restore and deduplication for efficient storage of backups. It emulates tape drives and simultaneously supports disk-to-disk backups using OpenStorage protocol, efficiently replacing physical tape libraries.


Deduplication: A key design feature of the deduplication technology ensures that the most recent backup is always maintained in a form that enables the VTL to restore it immediately.

Tape Image Replication:

Tape Image Replication provides a disaster recovery solution that allows data centers to electronically replicate the virtual cartridges from an HPP system to a geographically remote HPP system over WAN to eliminate the transport of data via tape. Tape Image Replication leverages deduplication to identify changes since the last backup and transmits only the changed data (deltas) to the target system, effectively reducing the required bandwidth by the deduplication ratio for each backup.

Support for OpenStorage:

Hitachi Protection Platform appliance interfaces with the OST API to allow the Media Server(s) to control the Storage. Supported OST features include OST over IP, OST over FC, OST Automatic Image Replication, OST Optimized Duplication, Optimized Synthetics, Granular Recovery Technology and NBU Accelerator.