Hitachi Thin Image Snapshot Software

The high-speed, nondisruptive snapshot technology of Hitachi Thin Image snapshot software rapidly creates up to one million point-in-time copies of mission critical information within any Hitachi storage system or virtualized storage pool, without impacting host service or performance levels. Because snapshots store only the changed data, the volume of storage capacity required for each snapshot copy is substantially smaller than the source volume. As a result, Hitachi Thin Image snapshot software can provide significant savings over full volume cloning methods. Hitachi Thin Image snapshot copies are fully read/write compatible with other hosts and can be used for system backups, application testing and data mining applications while the business continues to run at full capacity.

Hitachi Thin Image software is part of the Hitachi Local Replication bundle, which also includes Hitachi ShadowImage Replication software and Hitachi Replication Manager software.

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