Industries We Provide Services

Banking,Healthcare, Manufacturing,Retail & Distribution, Telecom, Media and Entertainment,Insurance,Government

Achieve operational excellence and unprecedented storage efficiency with SAN Data Systems industry exposure, knowledge and expertise in their field. Working towards simplifying enterprise storage planning and design, we have performed brilliantly in different industries and storage environments with multiple vendors.

Our hands-on experience with storage giants like Hitachi, EMC, IBM, HP, Cisco, Brocade, etc., enables us to work effortlessly on any kind of storage environment and enable high performance hardware and software. To know more about our activities and skills in various domains, click on the individual links below:


In the new banking landscape, it is imperative for banks and other financial institutes to function continuously maintaining security, high performance and customer relationships. While focusing on their core competency, banks also need to adapt to global changes and find room for new opportunities and segments.


Various government reforms and regulations coupled with advanced technological revolution have brought healthcare industry and IT together. With electronic health records replacing traditional storage and interoperability, hospitals, healthcare institutes, insurance companies and labs, are connected with each other via a network.


Manufacturing industry in each segment, from aerospace, automotive, chemical to mining, etc., face unique challenges in terms to high performance and reduced costs. High costs of hardware and management and administration resources add extra responsibility and also add to the TCO.

Retail & Distribution

The recent growth in retail sector in the last decade has made it difficult for many retailers to keep up with the growing demands and expectations of the consumers. There is an urgent need of a technology support system that automatically takes care of multiple platforms, maintains customer relationship, gives secure access to data and reduces resource costs.

Telecom, Media and Entertainment

There is a revolution caused by social media, smart devices and disruptive technologies. The exponential spurt in the online users’ ratio has left the traditional telecom and media channels facing new and unexpected challenges. There is an unprecedented amount of unstructured data that needs to be stored, accessed and used for data analysis.


We offer data storage end-to-end services for insurance companies of any size, from small practices to large scale enterprises. We provide services such as data security, data storage capacity planning, virtualized storage environment, online data security, speedy access to data, disaster recovery, etc.


SAN Data Systems provide federal government efficient and flexible IT and data storage solutions to enable data storage and retrieval from anywhere and at any time necessary. Our innovative approach and expertise in the field provides world class storage experience with highly secure, reliable and cost effective solutions.