Discover new ways to manage your data storage and IT infrastruture. With unsurmountable costs and demands of IT, it is vital to apply realistic and advanced solutions for lower TCO and increased productivity.

SAN Data Systems offers its clients comprehensive enterprise data solutions for simpler management of data and resources. Our solutions are designed in a way to optimize work output and provide maximum value for time and money involved. Leverage our expertise and decades of experience in handling multiple vendors and storage environments for smarter and better results.

In todays environment, where all your application data is stored on virtual servers and cloud, it is important to obtain a storage solution you can trust. We provide solutions that are powerful, robust and completely secure. Without disrupting data access speed, and overbudgeting, we offer you efficient storage that protects and manages your data.

Storage Solutions for your mission critical data - Vmware ESX Virtualizaton, FCIP Replication DR, Storage Pool, Netbackup Integration, Data Consolidation & Tiering.


Data Replication solution is the best option to backup your critical data. This can be done over a storage area network (SAN), local area network (LAN) or local wide-area network (WAN).

Storage Pool

SAN Data Systems deliver comprehensive storage pool solutions suitably resonant with data intensive enterprise activities. With uncontrollable amounts of data being generated on the premise of efficiency enhancement, it has become a challenge to manage the data on account of increased costs and resources requirement.

Migration Strategy

We at SAN Data Systems have developed a sophisticated and scrupulous data center server migration methodology that reduces risk, cost and timeframes through the application of defined best practices/model and discrete automated tools.

Data Protection Services

Traditional methods of saving data and storing a back-up at an offshore location are no longer sufficient in today’s fast growing data environment. From natural disasters to application failure or human error, there can be number of reasons for mission critical data to fail and impact an organizations’ service or product delivery. This directly impacts your long-term reputation and customer base.

FCIP Replication / DR

SAN Data Systems provides professional storage tunneling cum DR solutions to the global enterprises in their endeavors to establish storage backups in the event of any potential breakdown of their systems. In today’s era which is full of tech vulnerabilities, the need to have a smart and cost effective storage back up is very essential if the operational efficiencies are not to be hampered.

NBU Integration

SAN Data Systems delivers latest Netbackup Integration solutions to the enterprises aspiring reliable and efficient protection cum backup of their virtual data. Today most of the data intensive enterprises leverage virtual platforms and cloud regimes to enhance their competence and operational abilities. Virtualization however has some inherent vulnerabilities too which move along the vast array of advantages of the same.