Unified Compute Platform (UCP)

There is an opportunity cost that often exceeds an organization’s business plan prediction. In addition, today’s business leaders are dealing with budgets that have a large, fixed-cost component. To solve problem of unavailability of a unified management framework, and the need for highly specialized individuals who can design, configure, optimize, test and manage each component increases cost, complexity and risk. Hitachi converged Platform UCP solves all the above problems by automating the procedures through templates and management of everything through single pane.

UCP comes with following varies:

Hitachi UCP solutions are also tested with specific applications, such as Microsoft® Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and Lync® Server, Oracle Databases and the SAP HANA platform. These applications are validated and certified to ensure their compatibility, performance and supportability. They can be deployed as virtualized solutions for running multiple application or dedicated application-optimized solutions.