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Modern Workload

Modern Workload Protection

to Build an end to end solution reaching innovation
for cloud or on prem

High availability and minimize downtime

A unique approach to manage and protect hyperconverged and cloud native environments


Reduce on the usage of storage cost & storage space and achieve backup performance

Accelerate time of Deployment

Deployments  are virtually plugged and played, with the ability to run any workload in hours

hats is Modern Workload

Modern workloads are more dynamic and unpredictable, and have data sets which often grow exponentially. This dynamic and unpredictable nature will help IT to continuously provision and re-configure resources to handle the fluctuations in resources required. It also scales out horizontally in performance and capacity and increases the number of server required.

Our Modern Workload Protection offer’s enterprise level backup, recovery, and data management for workloads like Containerized applications based on Kubernetes, docker, NoSQL, mongo, cassandra distributed databases, Hadoop Distributed File System.

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