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KubeVirt Services

The Ultimate Solution for Bridging the Gap Between Containers and VMs


On-premises Runs on Bare Metal

Gain complete control over bare metal servers, Kubernetes, containers, and virtualization. Deploy directly on a host machine to access hardware accelerators and GPU processing power.



With all resources managed by a single orchestration layer, take full advantage of increased portability, less overhead, and less management complexity.



KVM in containers reimagines virtualization. Container-native virtualization solution to gain complete control of VMs, containers, applications on a single platform


Virtual Machines & Containers Converged

Migrate VMs to run non-containerized applications with cloud-native applications on the Kubernetes cluster

Use KubeVirt and Kubernetes to manage virtual machines for applications that are difficult to containerize.

Combine container workloads with virtual machine workloads on a single platform.

Integrate virtual machines with your microservices applications seamlessly, and support development.

Managed Services

Robust Tailored Pipeline

Robust Tailored Pipeline

Create standardized VMs with pre-defined libraries. Developers can use these VMs on Kubernetes to test the application, and if successful, push the application code to Git and delete the VM. These VMs can be stored as container images in a registry.

VM Backup and Restore

VM Backup and Restore

A VM snapshot is a point-in-time copy of a VM with block and filesystem storage. It can be used to restore a VM to a previous state for backup and disaster recovery or to roll back to a previous version.

Is there a learning curve to implement this?

How Do I Adopt DevOps Culture?

Use declarative YAML approach to create a custom resource-of-kind Virtual Machine in Kubernetes, similar to creating a pod or deployment. Interact with the virtual machine using the command line tool (kubectl/oc) or a simple Ul console. The virtual machine is treated as a pod and inherits all of its functionality.

What's in it for Legacy Users

What’s in it for Legacy Users?

Container-native virtualization allows VMware customers to use a single platform for application development and management. Cold and warm migration of VMs can be done at scale, reducing the cost of VMware licensing.

Is this Technology Expensive?

Is this Technology Expensive?

KubeVirt is a free and open-source container-native virtualization solution that utilizes Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) within a Kubernetes container. It offers advanced features, including live migration, enabling seamless movement of VMs between physical hosts without interruption.

vGPU Acceleration in Virtual Machines

vGPU Acceleration in Virtual Machines

KubeVirt allows the use of GPUs in virtual machines through PCI passthrough, enabling access to the physical GPU’s full capabilities. vGPU acceleration in virtual machines is used for various workloads such as Al/ML, computation, image/video processing, and more.


Konveyor Forklift Streamlines the VM Migration Process at Scale


Migration Assessment

Before carrying out your migration verify if your virtual machine is compatible.

Warm Migration

Maximize uptime with warm migration and schedule a cutover during a time of low activity.

Migration at Scale

Rehost hundreds of VMs with minimum downtime to KubeVirt

Use Cases

Ecosystem of Bare Metal, Containers, and Virtual Machines at the Edge

Faster, smarter, and more efficient edge computing

  • Modernize your edge infrastructure for containers while running your existing VMs
  • Accelerate your SaaS journey, create and leverage APIs to automate your VM and container application deployment
  • Cloud Native can be adopted more quickly due to eventual containerization (EC).

Effortlessly Virtualize your Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure

  • Migrate your existing VMs to Kubernetes at scale.
  • Enable cloud-native transformation of a monolithic application.
  • Reduce license costs by running everything in Kubernetes.
  • Leverage cloud-native tooling (e.g.,CI/CD) for your VMs.

Virtual Network Function Modernization

Say goodbye to custom kernel modules, network drivers and other limitations

  • Efficient and streamlined virtualization process.
  • Simplify your Virtual Network Function modernization with KubeVirt.
  • Our solution allows you to migrate your intensive I/O workloads using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) into virtual machines, hosted on a Kubernetes platform.

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