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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Prepare your Data

Use any popular data science notebook and framework to transform, massage and sanitize your raw data into a format that can be used by machine learning models

Train your model

Empower data science teams by automating the creation of sandbox environments running on specialized hardware with your team’s favorite deep learning frameworks and machine learning platforms

Model Management

Create a collaborative environment where data scientists can share, discover, and track changes across their ML models.

Scale your Machine Learning Model

Create distributed microservices to serve your machine learning models and enable features like GPU Autoscaling, Canary Rollouts and health checking

Monitor your model

Detect and catch drift to mitigate features changing in your datasets in production environments


As machine learning continues to solve business solutions, enterprises are having a difficult time managing the lifecycle of machine learning models and deploying machine learning models into production environments. San Data Systems provide solutions to deploy, monitor, manage and govern all your models in a production environment

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