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Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Professional Services

Work with our Kubernetes tiger team to implement custom Kubernetes solutions.

Our team has Cloud Native Computing Foundation certified engineers to design and implement custom Kubernetes solutions.

We will examine your unique needs and provide a high level outline for deploying your clusters. We also provide guidance on best practices, automation and application migration

Kubernetes Quick Start

Want to get up and running on Kubernetes? We provide a suite of solutions including but not limited to:

  1. Capacity Planning, storage and monitoring
  2. Setting up storage, security, and backups
  3. Integrating observability tools to log and visualize raw metrics for your containerized applications
  4. Integrate your Kubernetes deployment with any cloud provider (Azure, GCP, or AWS)

Application Migration

San Data Systems is a leader in designing and implementing SaaS solutions in multi cloud environments, building scaclable data pipelines and migrating over your on-premise monoliths to a microservices based architecture

Kubernetes Tools

Istio to breakdown the complexity of network communication across your microservices

Open policy agent to enforce security policy between microservices

Open policy agent to enforce security policy between microservices

Calico for more flexible policy capabilities

ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana allowing you to search, monitor and visualize the state of your microservices in real-time

Lets convert your monoliths to microservices

Kubernetes Consulting Service for Business

Kubernetes Platform Assessment

Infrastructure Optimization Session

Kubernetes Deployment

We design end to end solutions that increases your enterprise’s speed to market

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