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Multi Cloud

Minimize your datacenter footprint & increase agility and innovation with any cloud

Ransomware is one of the real and dangerous security problems on the internet that encrypts files and documents from a single PC system all the way up to an entire network, including servers.

It is cruicial for organisations with data located across the Globe to have an enterprise solution to protect their data.

With Multi cloud solution we can quickly store data, identify, access, manage and protect data across cloud environments

Protect, optimize and transform with multi-cloud

With Business conutinuty being critcal these days, Multi Cloud eases risk during mirgation to the cloud, from the cloud and between clouds.


Long Term Retention

Retent rarely used data

Customized time duration

Platforms like AWS Azure GCP

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Data Protection As A Service


Reduces Cost

Improves Compliances

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Disaster Recovery with Cloud

Moving from OPEX to CAPEX

Protection from all kinds of Disaster


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